A Letter

"Klaus, dear Maestro,

The little birds of Spring will soon fly to my
window-tree and make loud
twittering noises, I hope! Last year I played Mozart for
them. Lately, we
have been smitten with furious wind storms and, except
for two days,
unrelieved forecasts - nothing but gray and more gray.

For several months I have been listening to your work,
«Metaphore», which I
consider superb. I have also had the delightful
experience of something like
a revelation. One day a friend came to the house and we
listened «Returns.»
I wanted him to listen to this «new» (for him) music. He
was much taken with
it though he does not know this music as such.[...]

I played the disc a second time. Suddenly, in the midst
of «Metaphore», I
felt the Native American Spirit as you must have
intended it to be felt; the
ethereal nature of the man who is «at one» with the
earth, air, the
creatures and the sublime yet simple rapture of he who
stands on the summit
of transcendent beauty. Indeed, Maestro, I must tell you
that no music has
been so clear to me as this. In that you have been able
to capture this
great mind-vista in music is truly amazing and, of
course, beautiful.

May you have many good days and nigths!"

Thomas Clark

Waldport, Oregon USA